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ListingSpy 3.0

Find new crypto gems
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The secret of ListingSpy -
spying on projects and exchanges


Our crawlers find projects from the early stage from multiple sources and keep monitoring them


We follow the development of the project, the founders, the community and the holders (if it is on a DEX)


All data is collected, carefully analyzed and verified with our new scam check filters*


As a result, you can easily monitor projects, make quick decisions and get 100X profit

* We do not disclose the mechanism of project analysis. The scam check is constantly improving, but it does not protect 100% from the scam. Always DYOR!

A platform for
making money with new tokens

Easily find and spy on new crypto projects that will bring you 100x profit

Analyze all new tokens or just those that match your criteria

Data with real-time updates

All important data on one screen with real-time updates. Holders, taxes, market caps based on circulating tokens and much more.

Updated filters

Instant refresh! Filter tokens using our convenient presets. Sort any column, everything is interconnected.

Search with instant response

Find projects by token name, symbol, contract address or pair. Search results are combined with the filters.

Make a decision about buying or selling a token using one page

Detailed data

ListingSpy is the best data aggregator - that's why we collect all the useful info and links on crypto projects. Available on one screen.

Project events

All the events: DEX listing, entering various Trending lists, project listing on CoinMarketCap and other aggregators, listing on CEXs etc.

Data with real-time updates

All important data on one screen with real-time recalculation of changes. Holders, taxes, market caps based on circulating tokens and much more.

Scam check 3.0

We check each token for scam at the time of listing and monitor the changes. We do not ship details and scam tokens are easy to filter out.

Custom chart

Keep an eye on the correlation of the growth of the community, holders and how this affects the price.

Spy on holders, communities, shillers and influencers

Data from multiple sources

Our crawlers monitor projects from the very start and collect all new data. Study the project before it is listed on the DEX/CEX exchanges or gets into the trending.

Multiple exchanges

The data is structured on the basis of an exchange, not a blockchain, which is convenient for studying projects that are listed on multiple exchanges

Signals for selected conditions

When the new project is going to be listed on DEX/CEX, top shillers and influencers have already got tokens at the low price. You can front run them and the rest of the community!

Scam check 3.0

Filter out scam tokens, quickly and automatically‚Äč. With our platform and by one-click double-checking on other services, all the scam tokens are easy to filter out.

ListingSpy 3.0
Try all the features, buy/sell crypto gems and get profit!

These are the top features of ListingSpy

Our scam filter removes 99% of all the scam tokens, but some may still show up for various reasons. Be sure to DYOR on each token before buying.
You are responsible for all your own

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