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With our new section, you can now quickly find upcoming listings of projects on exchanges after the IDO! ListingSpy provides you with a complete list of projects that have conducted IDO on popular launchpads and are awaiting listing on exchanges. Be the first and ready to buy at the time of their listing on the exchange!

All Status Token / Round Description Category Launchpad Exchange Link
Listed Today
18 hours ago
Kunji Finance (KNJ)
Kunji Finance (KNJ)IEOA decentralized asset management protocol that aims to democratize access to asset management services by providing a platform for actively managed investment strategies.Protocol
Listed Today
11 hours ago
Pracht Pay (PrachtPay)
Pracht Pay (PrachtPay)IDOPracht is a versatile cryptocurrency wallet designed for the management of digital assets and seamless access to decentralized applications across multiple blockchain networks.Wallet
Listing Today
in 15 hours
Community Inu (CTI)
Community Inu (CTI)IDOCommunity Inu is an advanced project that harnesses the power of peer-to-peer digital currency and open-source innovation.Meme
Listing Soon
Sep 27,
1:00 PM
Iustitia Coin (IUS)
Iustitia Coin (IUS)IEOIustitia Coin (IUS) is the result of years to develop a green, fast and efficient coin that can be used in daily life purchases.Charity
Listing Soon
Sep 28,
3:00 PM
Paco De Llama (PACO)
Paco De Llama (PACO)IDOPACO is the ultimate reward token with utility and meme characteristics.Meme
Listing Soon
Sep 28,
5:00 PM
Goge (GOG)
Goge (GOG)IDOKeeping these playful balls full of memories and anecdotes from World Cups gives you access to an incredibly tight-knit community that prides itself on its power and ability to empower others.Fan
Listing Soon
Sep 28,
5:45 PM
Oracle L2 (Oracle)
Oracle L2 (Oracle)IDOOracle is the all-in-one platform, that combines a concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated borrow annd lending optimizer tha generates a best interest based on a unique AI mechanism on the top layer of our EVM and is at the intersection between rewards coins and miners.Platform
Listing Soon
Sep 30,
8:12 PM
SChain (SCN)
SChain (SCN)IDO-Blockchain
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Listing Soon
Oct 4,
11:00 AM
2Ribs Inu (2Ribs)
Enter $2Ribs – the beacon of memecoin greatness.
Listing Soon
Oct 10,
6:00 AM
Phantom of the Kill (OSHI)
"Phantom of the Kill" is a mobile game title developed and operated by Studio FgG that has been downloaded over 6 million times.
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