Trader Joe New Listings

Trader Joe DEX is the top decentralized exchange on Avalanche network. Trader Joe‘s AVAX ecosystem has JOE token as its native ARC-20 token.

Listed Token Price, USD Liquidity Trade Vol USD Price 24h Price 7d Price 30d Tx Count Link
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xQI (xQI)
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Megaweapon (WEAPON)
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Fold (FLD)
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w3ULL (w3ULL)
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Bware (INFRA.e)
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Red Pepe (RPEPE)
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About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a new and very popular AMM based DEX built on the Avalanche blockchain. Since Trader Joe‘s inception it has attracted a strong backing from within the crypto realm.

Community, innovation, safety and DeFi access for all people are TraderJoe’s core values. The exchange is focused on being a leader in DeFi by providing a leading edge DEX that is fast, cheap and easy to use.

Trader Joe has its own native JOE token which can be used to earn rewards through farming, staking, lending, borrowing and much more!

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