Top 100 Tokens on Trader Joe
by Trade Volume

Trader Joe is the DEX for the everyday man, the commoner, or simply the “average joe”. It was built with the idea to bring simple and easy DeFi access to all people. Since its inception, Trader Joe has quickly risen amongst the ranks of DEXs and now is one of the top DEXs by trade volume! Trader Joe is one of the best places to trade, stake, and farm using new and popular crypto coins on the Avalanche network.

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Top 100 Tokens on Trader Joe

What is Trader Joe DEX?

Trader Joe, not to be confused with trader joe’s (the grocery store), is a popular decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) built on the Avalanche blockchain (AVAX). Although relatively new, don’t let that dissuade you, as Trade Joe has risen through the ranks to become a top DEX! According to CoinGecko, there are 69 coins and 384 trading pairs on the exchange, and the numbers of new tokens and pairs are growing fast.

TraderJoe was built with the common man in mind. A crypto DEX for the average Joe! Trader Joes is based on a set of community focused values, with the main idea being easy Defi access to all people. Joe (AVAX) is focused on being a leader in DeFi by providing a superior DEX that is both fast and easy to use.

The Trader Joe Token (JOE)

Trader Joe makes use of its own native token JOE, which is used as a governance token as well as for reward payouts through farming, staking, and other DeFi activities.

Some other top tokens on Trader Joes are: Wrapped AVAX (WAVAX), Magic Internet Money (MIM), Wonderland (TIME), and SmarterCoin (SMRTR).

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