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Quoll Token (QUO)

QUO Contract:
QUO/BUSD Pair Contract:
0.00007 BNB
BNB: $302.85
Buy Tax: 0%
Sell Tax: 0%
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QUO Info

Listed :11/03/2022
Liquidity :$50,539
% from initial :-17.86%
FDV :$10.68m
% from initial :-36.33%
Trade Vol :*
untracked :*
Trx Count :*
Total Sup :502,268,000

QUO Safety

Honeypot :*
Mintable :*
Proxy :Yes
Renounced :*
Scam Risk :*
Warnings :N/A

QUO Holders

Holders :1,351
Top 10 :96.538%
Burned :*
Owner :*
Creator :0%
LP :0.473%

QUO Price change

Since Listed :-49.38%
Last 15m :-0.37%
Last 1h :-0.37%
Last 4h :-5.99%
Last 1d :+15.70%
Last 7d :*
Last 30d :*

QUO Description

Quoll Finance is a yield booster and on-chain incubator. It leverages the veToken/boosted yield model adopted by Wombat Exchange to provide a boosted yield for LPs and extra reward to WOM holders with a tokenized version of veWOM, qWOM. If you are not familiar with veToken/boosted yield model, read the Wombat Exchange doc. Quoll will help to redistribute the boosted reward from Wombat to different participants with a better way. Depositors earn the boosted reward with the accrued veWOM on the platform. WOM holders can convert their WOM and receive qWOM which is a tokenized version of veWOM. qWOM is tradable and can be staked to earn extra reward. Because more efficient distribution of boosted reward, more users and TVL will be attracted. Quoll will benefit all the participants: For depositors, Quoll Finance allows users to deposit stablecoins and earn boosted yield from the Wombat platform, without having to stake their WOM and worry about accruing veWOM. Depositors are able to take advantage of our ample veWOM supply and utilize that for a boosted yield. For WOM holders,Quoll allows users to convert their WOM to qWOM. WOM will be used to accrue maximal veWOM for boosting the yield on Wombat. qWOM is tradable and can be staked to earn a share of Quoll's performance fees. The original veWOM or WOM reward will be given to the qWOM holders.