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MeMeBank (MBK)

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Buy Tax: 0%
Sell Tax: 0%
Token Contract:
Pair Contract:
0.0001257 BNB
BNB: $324.19

MBK Info

Listed :6/7/2022
Liquidity :$14,916
% from initial :-82.34%
FDV :$8.56m
% from initial :-40.06%
Trade Vol :*
untracked :*
Trx Count :*
Total Sup :210,000,000

MBK Safety

Honeypot :No
Mintable :No
Proxy :No
Renounced :*
Scam Risk :*
Details :Low Liquidity

MBK Holders

Holders :2,270
Top 10 :98.508%
Burned :*
Owner :0%
Creator :3.81%
LP :0.174%

MBK Price change

Since Listed :-27.61%
Last 15m :*
Last 1h :+0.01%
Last 4h :-2.41%
Last 1d :-6.60%
Last 7d :*
Last 30d :*

MBK Description

MemeBank($MBK) is a centralized crypto-exchange platform that aims to integrate game and social features/playstyles into crypto-trading. The exchange also focuses on the listing and trading of altcoins. MemeBank introduces the following new features: (1)PVP competition: Two users can choose to compete on their monthly return rate to win prizes. (2) Tribal System: Individual users can set up their own mutual fund and can freely subscribe to other tribal funds. (3) Live-chat: Every listed token has a separate live-chat, where users can share thoughts about the proejct. (4) Leaderboard: Rank each user and tribes based on their PVP win-rate, AUM as well as rate of return. (5) Vote-to-list: If a project can raise a sufficient amount of upvotes on MemeBank, MemeBank will list the project for free, no listing fee charged. MemeBank was listed on Pancakeswap on June 7th, 2022. MemeBank has already been audited by Hacken and Certik.
Have $MBK? Advertise here!Have $MBK? Advertise here!