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FOOTBALL Contract:
FOOTBALL/WBNB Pair Contract:
0.000000000000001772 BNB
BNB: $313.00
Buy Tax: 3%
Sell Tax: 2.921%
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Listed :10/24/2022
Liquidity :$75,161
% from initial :+266.54%
FDV :$554.63k
% from initial :+979.37%
Trade Vol :*
untracked :*
Trx Count :*
Total Sup :1000000t


Honeypot :No
Mintable :No
Proxy :No
Renounced :*
Scam Risk :*
Details :N/A


Holders :20,834
Top 10 :12.82%
Burned :*
Owner :2.95%
Creator :2.95%
LP :13.549%

FOOTBALL Price change

Since Listed :+979.59%
Last 15m :+6.60%
Last 1h :+6.69%
Last 4h :+6.45%
Last 1d :+27.09%
Last 7d :*
Last 30d :*

FOOTBALL Description

Football INU is a P2E 3D multiplayer football metaverse that joins billions of football enthusiasts in a community where you can develop your NFT football avatar, manage your own club or arena, build fanbase, attract sponsorships and earn real income. Football INU Metaverse World! Play & Develop your Football Player: Enjoy thrillingly immersive gameplay and earn revenue by growing your NFT avatar through competition, club deals, sponsorship, fanbase and new skills. Upgrade, rent or sell your football players. Develop skills through gameplay and by practicing with real players. Improve dynamic characteristics (e.g. morale, recovery) with branded consumables and gameplay. Create Your Own Football Club: Choose your team name, pick your badge, and build the next greatest football club of the metaverse. Play the strategic game and earn big by attracting star players, winning in the leagues, building your fanbase and attracting branding/sponsorship deals. Manage your own arena: Earn passive income by hosting games and renting the arena for practice, as well as lucrative merch, ads and sponsorship opportunities. Advertise your arena to players and clubs. Football INU NFT Marketplace: In-game avatars will be NFT. All avatars will be exclusive and unique to their owner. Do you want to become a legend with in-game achievements and our unique item collections? We welcome you to the unique NFT Marketplace of the Football INU. In addition, legendary football teams were selected and a special NFT collection was created for football fans. You can buy early and become one of the first architects of the Football INU world. (The income from this will be used for project development) NFTS Football INU Player NFTs Introducing 2 Player Card Types which will offer more team building freedom than ever before! Design the “evolution” of your own players through player progression!