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BinaryX (BNX)

BNX Contract:
BNX/BUSD Pair Contract:
0.4512 BNB
BNB: $291.32
Buy Tax: 0%
Sell Tax: 0%
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BNX Info

Listed :01/20/2022
Liquidity :$18,577,124
% from initial :+9.59%
FDV :$802.16m
% from initial :+0.74%
Trade Vol :*
untracked :*
Trx Count :*
Total Sup :6,137,641

BNX Safety

Honeypot :No
Mintable :Yes
Proxy :No
Renounced :*
Scam Risk :*
Details :Has mint function

BNX Holders

Holders :106,126
Top 10 :88.088%
Burned :*
Owner :0.022%
Creator :0.022%
LP :2.302%

BNX Price change

Since Listed :-5.08%
Last 15m :+0.20%
Last 1h :+0.77%
Last 4h :-0.94%
Last 1d :-4.40%
Last 7d :*
Last 30d :*

BNX Description

Cyber Dragon is a Play to Earn Game based on Binance Smart Chain. This game is powered by BinaryX team. Players can create hero characters, collect rare equipments and challenge Dungeon. The final challenge is to defeat the ultimate boss, the Cyber Dragon. A hero will receive the dragon treasure house rewards by defeating the dragon. BNX is the governance token of BinaryX. BNX holders can participate in community governance and vote on major decisions. Some key operations of the game require to consume BNX tokens, such as creating heroes, forging rare equipments and challenging the Cyber ​​Dragon dungeons.