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ANTA Contract:
ANTA/BUSD Pair Contract:
0.000003143 BNB
BNB: $209.54
Buy Tax: 0%
Sell Tax: 0%
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Listed :05/30/2022
Liquidity :$26,525
% from initial :-80.66%
FDV :$658.66k
% from initial :-97.22%
Trade Vol :*
untracked :*
Trx Count :*
Total Sup :1b

ANTA Safety ❗️

Honeypot :No
Mintable :No
Proxy :No
Renounced :*
Scam Risk :*
Warnings :
Low Liquidity

ANTA Holders

Holders :2,259
Top 10 :93.088%
Burned :*
Owner :0%
Creator :0.01%
LP :4.027%

ANTA Price change

Since Listed :-97.22%
Last 15m :*
Last 1h :*
Last 4h :*
Last 1d :*
Last 7d :*
Last 30d :*

ANTA Description

Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse is an Idle/ RPG Collectible Card Game mixed with NFT technology. It was once released on Android/ iOS under the name of Tribal Punk - now modified with blockchain and turned into a fresh product in order to tackle the uprising NFT Gaming Market Similar to the company other game title’s like Jump Ball: Tiles and Beats, Mahjong Blossom, Spider Solitaire, Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse maintains a near-perfect overall review rating from its users. The game has also rocketed to going to pass over 10K downloads after its release and has topped charts in several countries as well.