Top 100 Tokens on QuickSwap
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QuickSwap is a next-gen Layer 2 DEX based on Polygon (previously known as Matic Network). Quick swap is the best place to trade crypto at lightning-fast speeds and near-zero gas fees! Besides the quick transactions and low fees, and top DeFi tokens like AAVE and Curve entering the Polygon ecosystem, Quickswap boasts having all the popular Ethereum tokens in a variety of liquidity pools, and other awesome DeFi opportunities for crypto traders, investors and yield farmers.

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Top Tokens on QuickSwap

What is QuickSwap?

Established in 2020 QuickSwap is a hot decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) that is a favorite amongst DEX traders. QuickSwap has superfast transaction speeds and some of the lowest gas fees around. QuickSwap is able to achieve this by making use of the matic /polygon network, which offers blazing fast layer-2 DEX capabilities coupled with virtually no gas fees.

QuickSwap is built on the Polygon network, which used to be known as MATIC. Polygon has its own token Matic (MATIC).

The QuickSwap Token (QUICK)

QuickSwap has its own token, QUICK, which quickly (no pun intended) rose in price after hitting exchanges in early 2021, even out performing most analysts' price predictions. Some top tokens on QuickSwap are: Bloktopia (BLOK), Wrapped Matic (WMATIC), Telcoin (TEL), miMATIC, and Decentral Games ICE (ICE).

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