Top 100 Tokens on Pangolin Exchange
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Pangolin is a community-centered decentralized crypto exchange for Avalanche and Ethereum assets with fast transactions and low fees on the Avalanche Network (AVAX). Moreover, Pangolin is one of the best places to participate in a “Democratic DEX” with the ability to vote on and submit proposals if you hold PNG tokens. Pangolin also offers some of the best farming and staking opportunities on the Avalanche network.

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Top Tokens on Pangolin

What is Pangolin Exchange?

Pangolin exchange is a decentralized crypto exchange(DEX) that takes advantage of the Avalanche network. It prides itself on being democratic and a top spot for finding awesome yields on DeFi projects. Currently, there are 86 coins and 394 trading pairs on Pangolin.

It is best known for its fast transactions, and low fees- Pangolin is able to achieve this because it is powered by the Avalanche network(AVAX), which boasts quick transaction settlement and super low fees. Furthermore, Pangolin is ownership based, egalitarian, and participatory due to the PNG governance token.

The Pangolin Token (PNG)

Pangolin has a native governance token (PNG token) which enables holders to vote on development decisions, and modifications to the liquidity pools. Some popular top tokens on Pangolin are: Wrapped AVAX (WAVAX), Pangolin (PNG), BENQI (QI), Roco Finance (ROCO), and Avalaunch (XAVA).

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