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Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) - FAQ

Our new CEX listing tool will help you quickly and easily find new crypto coins, tokens, and projects on all the major exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, CoinBase, plus many more! Never be late again with ListingSpy.

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges (CEX) are an important facet of the digital currency “metaverse” as they are one of the most important places for trading, investing, and bridging between the fiat and the crypto realm.

Traditionally, CEXs have been the mainstay of traders and investors for buying and selling digital assets, as they are one of the prime spots to buy new coins and tokens. CEXs generally offer a wide variety of popular cryptos, excellent liquidity, and convenient features such as charts and order books.

New crypto projects typically aim to get listed on a CEX as it bolsters their legitimacy, provides a liquid marketplace for their token, and supplies a huge audience of investors and traders who are looking to buy new crypto.

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Most of us are fairly familiar with how a stockbroker works; they are in essence a marketplace and portal for investors to buy and sell stocks. In the same light, a CEX performs the same function but for cryptos.

Centralized exchanges act as “broker” on behalf of the investor or trader. They provide and create a marketplace for new cryptocurrencies, top cryptocurrencies, and popular trading pairs. Furthermore, they act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, and in some cases act as market makers for less liquid assets.

CEXs typically, but not always, offer Crypto-Fiat pairs; for example, Binance-USD or Ethereum-USD. Many centralized crypto exchanges can also be connected to a traditional bank account, making them an ideal place to move between fiat and crypto. Because of the fiat pairs, and ability to connect to a bank account, CEXs are often the first door investors step through when coming into the cryptocurrency arena.

CEXs also act as a custodian over funds and assets. This is somewhat of a double-edged sword as many popular exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, and Bitmart have fallen victim to hacks and breaches. On the bright side, larger exchanges have protected their customers under these circumstances, and reimbursed the stolen funds, but this is not always the case.

Centralized crypto exchanges act as custodians over the funds, coins, tokens, and other cryptos you hold on that exchange, leaving you with no direct access to the “private keys” for those particular assets. Although you are able to withdraw from the exchange into a private wallet, there are often fees for doing so.

DEXs differ in that there is no direct “middleman” or custodian. Rather, traders transact directly with each other or with smart contracts. The benefit of DEXs is that you maintain total custody over your assets and aren’t dealing with a company or “middleman”.

Furthermore, DEXs tend to offer a better outlet for DeFi products and new cryptocurrency projects. In some ways, DEXs bring power to the “average Joe” allowing anyone who wants to create a new coin or token to have a marketplace for that project.

  • High liquidity and trade volume Easy to see crypto prices

  • Top cryptocurrency tokens and projects are easy to trade

  • Fiat pairs and on-off ramp

  • Low fees

  • Quick and reliable transactions

  • Real time coin pricing

  • Charts and trading tools

  • Easier bookkeeping and ability to monitor and keep track of your trades/transactions.

  • Some altcoins may be missing or not have trading pairs

  • Typically, no access to DeFi

  • Possibility of the exchange getting hacked

  • May have high withdrawal fees

  • New cryptocurrency listings may be delayed or won’t be listed.

CEXs act as a “middle-man” between buyers and sellers; thus enabling investors and traders to defer trust to the CEX and act as intermediary between parties. Because of the nature of CEXs you don’t have access to the private keys unless you decide to withdraw the crypto to your private wallet.

Many traders and investors find their first port of call to be a CEX like Binance, CoinBase (Coinbase Pro), and FTX because of their trustworthiness, high number of altcoins, excellent trade volume, low fees, and overall ease of use.

Lastly, CEXs will generally offer Fiat-Crypto pairs, making them a convenient bridge from your bank account to crypto.

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