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ListingSpy is primarily a crypto DEX listings aggregator. New cryptocurrency listings show up in real time as soon as they start trading on any of our supported DEXs (Decentralized crypto exchanges). We also have other awesome features like tracking coin listings on the top CEXs (Centralized crypto exchanges), the new crypto project IDOs, top cryptocurrency lists, crypto price changes, scam filters, and much more!

Anybody who wants to be first to learn about the new token listings and to be able to try to trade new digital assets/tokens as soon as they go live on our supported DEXs, such as UniSwap and PancakeSwap

Paying subscribers who consider themselves professional crypto gem hunters, apes or analysts can get access to the more powerful features of our product, such as advanced filters, real time data, alerts, proprietary support, and much more!

There are several different ways of getting your projects featured on ListingSpy.net. To discuss the options – please contact our founder through Telegram to get individual offer. 

Currently we are only open for discussions with strategic investors and partners. Please reach out to us through email or over Telegram to discuss.

In addition, Exclusive tier users of ListingSpy will get whitelisted and get the best terms for our upcoming IDO.

Yes, it’s in our plans. But not until we have strong community and quality partnerships in place.

We offer both free and paid accounts. Right now due to launch of ListingSpy v3 we open all our features to all users.

No, we do not have a refund policy. Please use the free version of the product if you are not sure that the paid version and its benefits are worth it for you.

Please contact an admin

For crypto alerts and notifications please check out our PancakeSwap listings Telegram channel. Advanced Telegram Bot is coming real soon.

Yes. We want to avoid displaying as many scams as possible, so we have some basic filters that must be met before the tokens are listed on ListingSpy without a “potential scam” poop icon.

Keep in mind that all new tokens are high risk and you must treat them as such.

We request that you do not share a naked contract address or link. If you do find something intriguing, please provide context and details about the project.

Have you done any scam checks on it? Where did you find it? What makes you think this will be a good project? Please provide as much relevant information if you do decide to share a project with our community.

No baseless shilling, linking to known scams, bags, or any other potentially harmful activities will be tolerated.

Please post your suggestions or ideas in our Telegram group or share with the team privately via our chat bot (in the bottom right corner of our site).

Join our Telegram group and ask our admins or community members.

If there’s something specific you need help with about the site, then it’s best if you start through our bot in the bottom right corner and a team member will assist you ASAP. 

That of course is the million-dollar question. Subscribe to our mailing list and you will get some great tips.

  1. No, the Scam Filter helps you sort through the majority of the illiquid scam coins, but users are still required to do their own due diligence/research! We are always trying to improve our filters, but it’s not perfect. 

It’s considered to be either a scam or a very risky trade. If you are a Premium+ member, then by hovering your mouse over the icon you will see why it has been labeled as a scam.

It may be an actual scam, but it’s also possible it just has too little liquidity or that contracts are not verified/locked. Even though we do our best to protect our users against these risks, our filters are not perfect; and sometimes scams do make their way past the scam filter. We are constantly trying to improve our filter, to make it safer and better for our users. All this said, all users need to do their own due diligence and take responsibility for their own trades.

The scam filter is for your convenience, to help you sort out the majority of junk tokens. Although the scam filter will remove 95% of listed scam projects, it’s still imperative you do your own research and manual checks by using different 3rd party tools like TokenSniffer, Honeypot.is and DexAnalyzer!

We don’t provide investment advice or endorse any specific tokens that are listed. Feel free to chat with the community in our Telegram group about how to invest in cryptocurrency, DeFi, the best crypto exchange to trade, and possible new tokens or projects you’re interested in.

We do not allow shills in ListingSpy’s Telegram group chat, but if you have legitimate interest or concerns about a specific token, then you may share it in the chat. Make sure to include: Token name, contract address, DEX it’s on and what you want to know/share.

We do not allow shills in ListingSpy’s Telegram group chat, but if you have legitimate interest or concerns about a specific token, then you may share it in the chat. Make sure to include: Token name, contract address, DEX it’s on and what you want to know/share.

No, not yet. It’s a planned feature. You are however able to buy/sell token directly on the DEX.

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